How to Forward Email in Outlook 2019?

You can forward the email to other email accounts using Outlook 2019.   1. Open Outlook 2019. 2. Go to Inbox, right click on the message you want to forward, and click on Forward.   3. Enter an email address of the person to whom you want to forward the email to in the To […]

How to Send Email Using Outlook 2019?

You can send email using Outlook 2019. It is quite straightforward because you do not need to manually log in to cPanel webmail, and you can directly send email using Outlook 2019.   1. Open Outlook 2019. 2. Under the Home tab, click on the New Email icon.   3. A new window will appear. […]

How to Access your Email Account from cPanel Webmail?

You can access your Email account directly from Webmail. 1. Open, replace with your domain name and enter your full email address and password in user login details and then press the Login Button. 2. You will be redirected to a cPanel Webmail Page. Click on any Webmail Email Reader like Horde, Roundcube […]